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1/32nd FW-190D

November 19, 2012 in Aviation

This post is more a test of Firefox than anything else. My very first post (the Z-M Skyraider) was done through Firefox – my usual browser). Subsequent articles were posted via Safari because the other one stopped working [well, maybe it wasn’t Firefox that stopped working- more like a glitch on this site]. Then last night, nothing worked…not even a completely different browser (Google Chrome).
Oh…the build…I think it was a Hasegawa kit. I don’t remember how I achieved that paint scheme, but it wasn’t an airbrush, I know that. I was happy with the outcome. I still have the model, albeit a tad dusty.
Anyhow.. time to click ‘save changes’ and see what happens here on Firefox.

4 additional images. Click to enlarge

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8 responses to 1/32nd FW-190D

  1. It worked..!! And now I recall how I got that ‘look’ with the paint. I simply ripped (not ‘cut’) an irregular opening in a piece of cardboard, held it an appropriate distance from the plastic and sprayed through it. One has to experiment a little to find the right distance to spray for the desired effect. Most of my weathering is done with a product called Doc O’Brians weathering powders…many colors available and it’ll last for years (ultra-fine talcum powder).

  2. Thanks for testing. Just wanted to ask you if everything worked as planned…

    • Yes…absolutely. I think it’s safe to say it’s “idiot-proof” now. If I can post a topic in “Headlines”, anyone should be able to (lol)…and as I’m sure you are aware, the same format [page] appears for the user regardless of which browser you’re using.
      I did discover one other thing, though….I can download all the pics without having to wait for them to complete their process… just keep clicking ‘select’ and have ’em runnin’ simultaneously.

      And I want to thank you and your “people” for resolving that latest issue with the browser(s). We all appreciate your effort(s).

  3. And another ‘cheater’s’ method, if you will, is/are the panel lines seen on the belly. I used a mechanical pencil and simply followed the lines – I’m quite sure this is nothing new to you guys, but I just wanted you to know I’m not that good at washes.

  4. Absolutely gorgeous Dora craig, congratulations!! I have wanted to do a 1:32 K4 for a while and feel all inspired again. Nice one!!

  5. I like the model and the simple techniques you describe in your comments. I am also kind of afraid of washes and used the pencil-tracing of the panel lines myself. After application of matt coat you can’t tell it is pencil.

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