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1/48th English Electric Lightning

November 22, 2012 in Aviation

I don’t even remember what manufacturer this was (anyone?). I do recall it was a pretty straight-forward build with no memorable issues – of course, you must keep in mind I don’t remember what I ate for lunch yesterday. It came out ok, I guess. And look… monofilament lines!

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5 responses to 1/48th English Electric Lightning

  1. Craig…… one of my favorite British jets. Nicely done.

  2. Craig, is this perhaps the Airfix EE Lightning?
    Nice build of a somewhat odd aircraft. In my opinion this is as English as it gets, a little odd solutions but with great performance!


  3. Thanks, guys…I guess maybe it WAS Airfix – but I thought I woulda remembered if I bought an Airfix (very rarely do I get anything by them). Although I think my 48th B-57 was an Airfix.

  4. Now I regret having sold my kit off, but then i don’t because I had to focus my build choices a bit and reduce the number of kits I have. Would have loved to hear and see an EE Lightning in an airshow back in the day….

  5. Airfix? I’m not aware of anyone else making a EE Lightning in 1/48

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