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A Grumman formation to end all Grumman formations

November 30, 2012 in Aviation

Back in 1997, various air museums were having “Grumman flights.” Out at Planes of Fame, they pulled off the Grumman Flight to end all Grumman Flights: F3F-2, FM-2, F6F-5, F7F-3, F8F-2, and TBM-3. I got this shot out of the waist window of “Photo Fanny,” the Museum’s B-25J.

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3 responses to A Grumman formation to end all Grumman formations

  1. Well, I don’t envy you at all… :). You should have this photo framed, looks like a flying experience of a lifetime.

  2. Yeah, I’ve had a framed 11×14 for a long time. I loved being able to give one to Corky Meyer, the last “airplane guy” to head up an airplane company (last President of Grumman) who had flown all of them.

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