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Academy 1/32 FA-18 OIF

November 21, 2012 in Aviation

Another one of those (at least for me at the time) “must have” releases. Drove 40 miles to a Hobby Lobby with a 40% discount coupon in my pocket. Of course, NOW there’s a HL 6 miles from here. This kit had a plethora of armament – which I obviously chose not to employ. And very “busy” decal sheet which would have taken longer to apply than to build the model. Another omission. Also one of the view of my builds that have a pilot figure. But I didn’t have to paint a face, so it doesn’t count. I still have the various ‘load-out’ array and may some day amend the build in order to display the weapons, but after doing all those bombs for the Skyraider, I’m ‘all in’ on little tiny decals for a while.

One more thing before we say goodnight, folks. Are my posts in the “Off Topic” forum that boring or are you guys just not checking out the whole site?

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