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Dragon 1/6th scale machine gun series

November 12, 2012 in Armor

The only gripe I have with the manufacturer is the lack of directions. The “instruction sheet” is one piece of paper with a black & white photograph of the assembled model with part numbers and arrows pointed toward the general location.

No step-by-step method as to what goes exactly where and when it goes there. You’d best be pretty sure of yourself before applying any type of adhesive somewhere.

Unless you’re very familiar with the weapon, you’re on your own as far as assembly.
After review, the highlights and weathering applied with Doc O’Brien’s powders appear much more stark and ‘noticeable’ in the photos – not so in person….strange.

I’ve since replaced the bi-pod on the .30 with a tripod. Had to wait for a replacement part from Dragon for months. My cat has since returned the “lost” piece.

Note: I once again was forced to use Safari to get this posted. Firefox did nothing.

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  1. those are beautiful…especially the wood on the 42

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