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Fisher 1/32 F9F-5 Panther

November 30, 2012 in Aviation

Built OOB….just like the F9F-8 Cougar a fantastic resin kit!!! Paint was Mr Color, and gloss was Mr Color out of the rattle can.


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10 responses to Fisher 1/32 F9F-5 Panther

  1. “The Bridges at Toko-Ri”,,,one of the great aviation flicks IMO. This build is super. I never got along very good with resin (especially a whole kit made out of it) – but I’ve heard good things about this manufacturer. So you think even a semi-talented modeler such as myself could handle it? Yours looks top-notch.

  2. As mentioned by TC this kit can make an ace out of an average modeler. If you are going to do a resin kit PF has to be about the best out there. In my experience Fisher is top of the line in resin….it only goes downhill from there.

  3. gorgeous! I wish I could accomodate this as well as that Cougar- must be great to look at them on the shelf!

  4. Having done this kit myself, you have done some wonderful work here.

  5. Few people know that in the movie “Bridges at Toko-Ri” they “taught”
    William Holden how to taxi his #209, briefly, on the carrier deck, as shown in close-ups !!!

  6. Rob .. IF William Holden was still alive, he would really love to have this model .. I CAN still mentally hear the sounds of one start up on the flight line, and taxi out .. a great sound !!! as TC said , an awesome build !!!

  7. Rob,
    Great model of a great airplane and kit

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