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Lindberg 1/200 Snap Fit Space Shuttle..

November 15, 2012 in Aviation

Yes another Lindberg, a kit that took a bit of work, as it’s got the boosters moulded to the external tank, but a bit of sawing, filling, refining and scratch-building and she came close enough for me.

I know the digital image is wrong the Shuttle actually is on it’s back when the boosters separate, I painted a picture when I was at school similar to this, so it was quite fun to try and replicate now 20 odd years later.

Another fun build and that’s what it’s all about..


10 additional images. Click to enlarge

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4 responses to Lindberg 1/200 Snap Fit Space Shuttle..

  1. Beautiful job on the display…some great imagination and ingenuity involved there. Love the presentation. Nice work on what many rate as a ‘c**p’ kit.

  2. Very nice – great way/situation to show the shuttle in.

    I particularily like the marks on the tank from the SRB’s thrusters

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