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Lindberg 1/72 Me-410

November 13, 2012 in Aviation

Yes the old Lindberg Me-410, I do like Lindberg kits, rivet coated, thick canopies, one piece tailplanes, funny shapes here and there, but they are fun to put together.. I didn’t do much to this one, just polished up that two part canopy, why they made it a split canopy? with the join being right down the centre..

Decals from the spares and a couple of hame made prop blurs.

One thing that tickles my fancy with the old Lindberg kits, are their instruction sheets, I just really like the style, seems to suit the kit.

All in all another fun one….

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3 responses to Lindberg 1/72 Me-410

  1. Splitting the canopy is a necessity to be able to make the bulges. An explanation even if it doesn’t solve the problem for the modeller 🙂 !

    A nice result from a simple kit, good work!



  2. Thanks Magnus, I assumed it must have been limits to the clear moulding back in the day..


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