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November 29, 2012 in Aviation

Hi all! This is my most recent build, an Academy MiG-21. It was a pretty straightforward build, with no real problems that I can think of.

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4 responses to MiG-21

  1. That’s a very nice surface weathering on top of the camo. Would you please share your technique? /m

    • Basically, I just mixed the upper colors with a darker color like flat black or brown (I generally use Tamiya paints). The mix is then diluted with paint thinner, so that the weathering can be gradually built up with an airbrush.

  2. did the iraqi markings come with this kit? always wanted to do one, especially in that three tone scheme. have you tried mixing your main colors with a bit of white and sprayed on the inside of the panels for a sun faded look?
    very cool!

    • The markings I believe were from a set of Eagle Strike decals- I think it was an Iraqi/Syrian set. As far as the colors, I actually darkened the regular color with a few drops of brown to get the panel line mix.

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