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Monogram (Revell Germany) 1/48 He-111H-22

November 15, 2012 in Aviation

Here is my 1/48 Revll Germany He-111H-22. I got it second hand from a good internet model friend in England. I had not really considered doing a doodlebug carrier, until I found out what this kit included. When I saw an aeromaster sheet included in the box with the kit- and saw this mottled scheme as an option- I decided it was time to go for broke on Luftwaffe camouflage!

I built the kit out of the box, and the only real challenge besides painting was to fill and rescribe the area around the bomb bay doors- seems to be the toughtest part of the kit in my mind, but then some may find the framing on the glazing to be quite a challenge.
I hand painted the window framing- as I do on all my kits- even though it does present some issues when you airbrush the rest of the scheme, but hand paint the framing- the tones do not always match up. I think it may have something to do with how the pigment settles in the spray method versus the brushed method.

I drew each mottle shape with pencil after masking and spraying the standard splinter scheme. Then I used a lower pressure on the airbrush and fiddled with my thinner/paint ratio until it felt right. I use an IWATA HP-BC that I bought off someone in my art college days. I sprayed into each shape by tracing around the edges, then filling in the middle- took most of an afternoon- not easy to explain the need to spend that much time on one part of a build to the wife!

I later learned that I should have used a different colour scheme for the buzz bomb, but I will have to consider repainting it some other time! I made sure I could remove and re-attach it during construction.

I have a Monogram He-111 in the stash, but am unsure if I want to do a torpedo carrier, or a blitz scheme. Hope you enjoyed the Heinkel!

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11 responses to Monogram (Revell Germany) 1/48 He-111H-22

  1. This is a really intricate camouflage work – both splinter and mottle at the same time (?). Never seen it before. And thanks for clarifying the technique used. Cheers /M.

  2. Man that is a fantastic scheme, really well executed, bravo!

  3. You HAND PAINTED the canopy frames..??!! I would never attempt that at my age (and eyesight). Oh, how I detest masking canopies – especially one like that. Thank goodness for mask sets. Now there’s an after-market item I’ll gladly pay for. A most excellent job on that scheme, sir.

    • It is really cool to get comments like yours, there are no model clubs here, so the internet is my model club. I rarely post kits because I don’t usually have the time- I guess the chance to win a kit like the Tamiya 1/32 mustang is a good enough incentive as any to make some time, but now I see how qiuck and simple it could be!
      I have hand painted frames since I started-I used to paint signs for extra money in high school, and then I moved on to art college. I think my eyes are finally changing though! I may need bifocals. I always used to take my regular glasses off to do any close work so as not to strain my eyes, but now at 45, I will need some adjustment!

      • I agree with your “incentive” program – I can’t afford to go out and buy that Tamiya Mustang and when I saw the invitation on HS to join a new site AND have a shot at that kit, I was ‘all in’.

  4. Very nice work on that scheme sir. I have just posted my own, recently completed, take on this kit.

  5. Thanks for the nice comment.
    I hope to post more of my kits eventually.
    Been waiting for some good weather.

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