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Revell Starfury

November 28, 2012 in Uncategorized

Babylon 5 kind of grew on me slowly. I was not really impressed by the First season (the lead was and is a Charisma free Zone) but when they “brought in the Bruce” the show really took off.
This is the Revell Starfury (HORRIBLE kit -Which is why I chose the Black Omega option: it hides a LOT of flaws)
The decals went on… but it was a real fight every step of the way. It ended up taking me longer to decal it than to make it!
This is a top shelf (as in: way above the eyeline…) model for me.

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2 responses to Revell Starfury

  1. Looks like you beat it into submission very well. Always thought about building that kit. Now I’m glad I didn’t. Great work!

  2. I know what a piece of c**p this kit is. I tried hard, but couldn’t build it.
    Great work!

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