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Tamiya’s 1/32nd Zero

November 16, 2012 in Aviation

When I finally decided to build this fine example of the famed Japanese Zero, I was hoping against all odds I wouldn’t somehow mess it up. Rather than paint the aircraft that IJN Green color that everybody was using (it seemed), I thought I’d try one of the early Zeros that were (I think) an off-white color. At least that’s the color I’ve seen replicated in some cases. If you’ve ever tried to “weather” a white airplane, it ain’t easy. At least not for me. I think after looking at the final result, I managed to mess it up anyhow by painting it white. It’s a fine kit, one of Tamiya’s best. If the time ever came for me to do another, I’d most likely relent and do the green with the ever popular paint-chipping.

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