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Trumpeter 1/350 Scale HMS Hood

November 27, 2012 in Ships

I have considered this to be the most fun I have ever had building a model. No fiddley photo-etch, except the three or pieces that came with the kit, just open the box and go to town. The only real extra work I did on this kit was to totally re-work the main mast. I started with the stock bare pole that comes with the kit and added all of the yard arms, the cro’-jack staff, the skinny antennea on top, all of the bracing as well as the rigging. Through #80 holes hand drilled in the yards with a pin vise. All of the rigging on this model is ultra fine invisible sewing monofilament, coloured witha black Sharpie, inserted into pre-drilled holes, and set with super glue and Zip-Kicker. No knots. I can’t stand knots. I no longer own this kit as someone saw it on display in a British diner in Vancouver and practically forced $500 into my hands so he could take it home. I think I might build another, as soon as I finish the other 12 large scale ships in the stash. As well as the planes, the cars, the armor, the figures, etc., etc., etc.

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3 responses to Trumpeter 1/350 Scale HMS Hood

  1. Outstanding work, George. I’ve only done a couple of ship models, but I really had a ball doin’ ’em (a break from “things with wings”). Tell me, where are you gonna display all those 350th scale behemoths when they’re done?

  2. nice clean build. Hood is a popular subject on this page.

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