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Two Italian Indians..

November 28, 2012 in Aviation

Ok ok, maybe not, how about a couple of 1/72 Italeri AH-64D Longbows… with a touch of modelling applied.

Just finished these two, and they were jolly good fun.

The camo one is my effort to model an Israeli Saraf, and the grey one, is my take on the Sea Apache proposal, in Whiffer RNZAF markings.

The Sea Apache ended up being pretty straight forward, and the Saraf a pain with all the extra bumps and lumps.

Home made deccles, prop blurs, plenty of plasticard, sprue, milliput and lashings of elbow grease were used.

Harpoons were made from a couple of sections of large diameter sprue, the fuel tanks are cut n’ shut from an Airfix Harrier GR3. Aircrew are from various kits.

All the best


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6 responses to Two Italian Indians..

  1. Wow, that was an efficient project! I particularly like the look of the Sea Apache, looks like a kayak with propeller on it…

    Good job and clever move with transparent prop blades for in-flight presentation.

  2. Excellent work on my favorite Helicopter. The Israeli version looks great, and the Sea Apache is just too cool for words. Neato!!

  3. I think I need to do a whiffer soon! Seeing work like this makes me want to try some speculative kit bashing! Lovely helos dude!

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