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WNW 1/32 Fokker E.III (late)

November 29, 2012 in Aviation

A kit that’s a lot easier than you might expect. I would recommend it as a “first rigging model” to someone considering doing WW1 models, it’s really that simple.

Done as the E.III Max Immelmann was shot down in. Completely OOB.

3 additional images. Click to enlarge

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3 responses to WNW 1/32 Fokker E.III (late)

  1. One Day I will get me one of these WNW kits….. I think it will have to be the ubiquitous Sopwith Camel! These WW1 kits are really inspiring!
    Thanks for sharing yours.

  2. Actually, WNW doesn’t do a Sopwith Camel. The only good one is the re-do from Hobbycraft, which is seldom available. Do not get the Academy kit, which is a ripoff of the original Hobbycraft kit which really is [beep]

    You might want to check out the new Fokker D.VII series, which looks really fantastic.

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