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1/32 Ki.100-1b

December 21, 2012 in Aviation

This is the Hasegawa Ki.61 kit with the Alley Cat drop-fit fuselage conversion for the Ki.100-1b. One of the easiest conversions out there, a good one for a modeler who hasn’t done a lot of conversions to start with.

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3 responses to 1/32 Ki.100-1b

  1. Another first for you, Tom- looks great! At least it’s the only one I’ve seen built thus far. Of all the conversion sets out there, it seems like Alley Cat really does a good job matching their surfaces with those of the donor kit.

    I’ve been craving the Ki-100 set, but if I ever build one then I suppose I’ll still be tempted to do something with the Hasegawa Ki-61 fuselage since the plastic is so nice. Like a wreck vignette or something.

    • In my experience, you can pretty much trust anything AtoZee does with any of their sets. Alastair is a real craftsman. I did his wingfold for a 1/72 Gannet and was amazed by it. The drop-fit Ki.100 and Bf-109 conversions are superb.

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