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December 21, 2012 in Aviation

An old project from the past.
This is 1/48 Dragon Junkers Ju-88 A4 with the markings of Stab II /KG 77 in Sicily-Gerbini airfield during 1942. Though it has usual 70/71 camouflage ,it is filled also with RLM 76 and 79 stains on the upper and side surfaces
The paint scheme and the decals are from Kagero Monographs book “ Junkers Ju-88 vol.2” .
Happy modelling

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12 responses to 1/48 DRAGON JUNKERS JU-88A4

  1. Tolga…… Nice touch having the cockpit cover removable to view the workmanship on the interior. Very colorful scheme and a beautiful model.

  2. Extremely cool camouflage + very nice photography. Spectacular

  3. How did someone not give this a 10? Is someone in need of a new prescription for their glasses???

    Another boring Tolga Ulgur model – they’re all built to the same standard of real excellence. 🙂

  4. Forgot to mention, this is the very best Dragon Ju-88 I have ever seen, and I know how hard that kit is having done a couple.

  5. High-quality photos and spectacular perspectives

    Model neatly done and beautiful camouflage.


  6. Magnificent work on what Tom accurately describes as a fiddly kit! Marvelous paint scheme, too.

  7. Very nice version Tolga!
    Excellent the Ju88 congratulations

  8. Wow wow wow wow!! Magnificent build, paint job, photography…exquisite indeed!

  9. Great work and excellent images! Nice to see something different in the scheme too.

  10. Thanks to All for the comments.

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