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1/48 F-16F Block 60

December 8, 2012 in Aviation

Hey Guys,
a bit about myself first, i am a 16 year old from Australia and have been model building aircraft for 2 years now,

this is my latest build ! Hasegawa’s 1/48 F-16F Block 60,
the kit fits together pretty much perfect, quality detail with the panel lines,

i used 2x true detail ejection seats, and for the wsah used “flory Models” or as some know it as “ProModeller” weathering wash, i used the Dark Dirt.

Let me know what you think,



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9 responses to 1/48 F-16F Block 60

  1. I’ve been modeling twice as long as you’ve been alive and I STILL can’t do as well as you just did! Very nice work, Matty…..very nice.

  2. Excellent work. Didn’t know the ANG had these more advanced Lawn Darts.

  3. Not a complaint or anything, but I think what’s on the tail doesn’t correlate with the national insignia. Could be wrong here. Great painting.

  4. Hey Mate, you could be right , just went off the decal plan, here is a Photo of the real thing,


  5. 16? Sheeeesh… I’m embarrassed…

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