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1/48 Hasegawa Ki-45

December 30, 2012 in Aviation

This was finished earlier this year. It is essentially OOB with the exception of the seat belts, which I made myself. The markings on the aircraft belong to the 53rd Sentai, a unit assigned to defending Japan from attacking B-29s in 1945. The decals are from an old Aeromaster set.

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3 responses to 1/48 Hasegawa Ki-45

  1. Very nice Toryu, Seth. Your choices on the exterior colors and finish look like a great match for the few available color photos of such machines. I certainly like the Home Defense scheme and your Ki-45 displays it wonderfully.

  2. I’ll second Erik’s assessment, Seth…nice job on that paint scheme and the detail/weathering job.

  3. great job seth its so easy to go overboard on paint chips with jap planes good job holding back love the paint scheme

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