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1/48 Promodeler Me 410

December 20, 2012 in Aviation

This is a fairly decent kit with beautiful cockpit detail, the only issue is the multi-part canopy which I damaged in the build, luckily I secured a spare from Revell parts replacement. Meng Models has just released a new boxing of this of this aircraft which I am going to have a go at since this is one of my favourite Luftwaffe subjects.

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4 responses to 1/48 Promodeler Me 410

  1. Nice job I have built this kit. You did an excellent job on it. I have built it also and I think it is a good kit, even though there are are few issues, I don’t know if the MENG kit will be worth the premium price.

  2. One model is better than the other! Will be your fan)))

  3. Again no problem giving a 10. I’ve done this kit and know what it takes to get a model that looks this good. Excellent work!

  4. Fantastic job on what I hear is a difficult kit. very clean and precise work Keith!

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