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1/48 Tamiya F-16C Arkansas

December 28, 2012 in Aviation

Hey Guys

latest build, my 1/48 Tamiya F-16

Tried my first bleaching affect on the top of the aircraft to give it a weathered look and then put a wash on,

Let me know what you think !



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12 responses to 1/48 Tamiya F-16C Arkansas

  1. Matt…. Please explain your process for the bleaching effect, it looks interesting. Nice model.

  2. Yeah…..that’s what I was gonna ask about. Turned out nice.

  3. Make that 3 of us, I am unfamiliar but intrigued.

  4. Okay guys, believe it or not, its very very simple,

    add the colour that you used to to the top of you aircraft, and then add a bit of white to it, then go around and pick out some places to give it the bleach affect, on mine as you can see the bleaches are on the inside of the panels, that’s where the aircraft gets the bleach affects,

    if you have anymore questions please ask



  5. “…pick out some places to give it the bleach effect…” – THAT’S what we’re tryin’ to find out, Matty. Just what IS the ‘bleach effect’…you use real bleach or what? Step by step for us dunderheads, ok?

  6. okay haha,

    use the top color you used for your aircraft and then add a bit of white into the airbrush with the top colour,

  7. New name for an old technique, but looks nice. What’s next, Matty?

  8. Lovely weathered finish on this one, Matt. One technique to keep in mind for my next US Navy jet.

  9. It’s a technique better known these days as “post-shading.” You’ve done a good job with it.

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