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ANTK Tupolev 1/72 ANT-25

December 21, 2012 in Aviation

Legendary ANT-25 Tupolev, Sukhoi.
Transpolar flight June 18-20, 1937.
The plane, operated V.I. Chkalov, G.F. Baidukov and A.V. Belyakov, starting in Moscow for the first time in aviation history flew over the North Pole and landed in Portland (USA). On most of the route was a great bad weather, and the length of the air path of more than 9 thousand kilometers.
Could not resist the temptation to beat the inscription on the sides of “Stalin’s route,” added portraits of leaders and three I-16 Stalin’s Falcons (various years) from Amodel, ICM, KEMZ

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5 responses to ANTK Tupolev 1/72 ANT-25

  1. Is that a resin kit? Whatever it is, it sure looks good. Very impressive.

    I’m glad you guys from the “barbarian East” are showing up here with your great models. 🙂

  2. This set was made at the ASTC Tupolev.
    This molded plastic low pressure.
    Later sold it in their cases Orient Express.

    This is my old work. Do not know if this set on sale now.

    Thank you, I am also happy. Now I drink vodka, Play balalaika and go walk the bear. 🙂


  3. Don’t know if it’s vodka or balalaika , but it has apparently had a good influence on your modeling. Thanks for sharing… although I’m not so sure that Uncle Bear would have approved of that part…:) Keep them coming.

  4. Excellent and rare model! Respect the author.)
    If I had pictures of where these large models, I would have built the ANT-25. But I live in an apartment and I have a little place. And I do not walk with the bear- I had no place to hold it ((.

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