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AZ-model 1/72 Morane L

December 18, 2012 in Aviation

My debut on the resource.
A simple model with a few modifications.

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7 responses to AZ-model 1/72 Morane L

  1. Wow, that is beautiful and one we don’t see depicted in scale very often! The alignment is just perfect, the colors and restrained weathering look marvelous. That’s not a model, it’s a composition… thanks for sharing this one here!

  2. What marvelous craftsmanship. Who needs 1/32 scale when you can build a beautiful petite model line this Morane in 1/72. I salute you. Adios, Larry.

  3. What did you use for the rigging wires….is that EZ line (that stretchy stuff?)

  4. Thank you, friends!

    For Craig Abrahamson.
    Rigging wires of nylon of bandeau. A transverse filament. They elastic. For my scale that is necessary.

    Sorry for my english.


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