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Blue Max 1/48 Halberstadt CL.II

December 16, 2012 in Aviation

Some more of my ‘paleomodeling’, the Blue Max Halberstadt. I have always liked the lines of the Halberstadt CL’s. The kit was a typical ‘limited production’ from a few years back, you had to make the parts go together. Covered with acrylics and decals, the Parabellum is from Toms. With the release ofe Mirage kit, all my work was if not wasted, at least unnecessary.

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5 responses to Blue Max 1/48 Halberstadt CL.II

  1. Merrill: Having made this kit “back in the day” myself, in these markings, I know how damn hard it was to end up with as excellent a model as you have created.

  2. Very nice, indeed! Your Halberstadt is excellent.

    Have you considered building the Mirage Halberstadt?..I’m just wondering how those two kits compare.

  3. Bravo! Magnificent model of cool Great War bird. Congratulations on a fine job!

  4. Excellent work, Merrill. Nice work on your lozenge pattern! Although I haven’t built this kit, back in the ’90s I built a half-dozen Blue Max kits and can appreciate the care and effort that you must have put into this Halberstadt. That’s truly beautiful.

  5. Cute Airplane! Photos is not enough, I would like to examine in more detail. Still, model rarity)

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