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Eduard 1:48 SPAD S.XIII

December 16, 2012 in Aviation

Model of dioramas, about which I have spoken. Almost from box assembly, said only the pilot.
Perhaps the aircraft will be too yellow, my mistake, but had to paint in the evenings under the lamp. And so probably got the wrong shade.

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16 responses to Eduard 1:48 SPAD S.XIII

  1. Outstanding workmanship, Maxim….don’t know how you WWI guys do it. Splendid job all ’round.

  2. The color of the SPAD looks right. The one thing I would say that is critical is that the airplane is Guynemer’s, and Guynemer died in September 1917. Historically, the Albatros wouldn’t have lozenge fabric at that time – that didn’t come till early 1918.

    But an excellent diorama and well thought out.

  3. The color is fine, and looks good! The WWI guys sometimes argue about ‘colors’, but it’s a bit silly. Guynemer’s SPAD VII, still preserved, is nearly that shade, great job on the pilot.

  4. Another remarkable job. Your work is consistently excellent-good photos as well.

  5. Really neat presentation. Love the overall finish on your SPAD, don’t know anything about the color just know your looks great.

  6. The rigging and the turn buckles add to this model. Phoenix Sky Harbor airport in Arizona has a SPAD hanging in terminal 3 and the tan color of that A/C looks pretty close to what you’ve reproduced in your model.

  7. Fantastic early S.XIII, Maxim! Very attractive washes and subtle weathering. The contrast and difference between sandy yellow color of the fabric convered areas and yellowish tan on the metal parts looks perfect. Beautiful!

  8. Thank you all for the feedback guys – glad you liked it!

  9. Beautiful, simply beautiful!! Well done sir!

  10. Not much I can say that hasn’t been said already…Beautiful work!, Beautiful plane. Is there a site to check your building process?

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