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December 15, 2012 in Aviation

Finished this one last year. It took me a year to build to the day I called it finished. Posted on another site, but one of my all time favorites. And fun to build.
It is a 1/48 scale AMT/ERTL F7F-3 Tigercat mostly out of the box,and parts from a Monogram A1-E Skyraider, F-84-F Thunderstreak, AH-1 Cobra, and A4-M Skyhawk.
I don’t have an airbrush so all my work is with a Rattle Can and Blue Masking Tape. It took me three tries to get the camoflage pattern I liked. I added Snakeye bombs from Hasagawa and rocket pod an minigun from Monogram. I also used True Detail wheels and Microscale decals.I had to use 2oz. of lead in the nose and 1oz. behind each engine. I also cut and shortened the nose oleo to bring the CG forward so it would sit on its landing gear.
I also cut the prop hubs off and flipped the props over to get the right pitch on the props.

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7 responses to F7F-3 JUNGLECAT

  1. Yup…Yup…I like that (I like that base, too) – Yup.

  2. A “10” for originality. Nice whiffer.

  3. Cool plane John! How’s that kit build? I’ve thought of getting one several times.

    • I thought it went together well. The landing gear, gear doors are fragile and the prop leading edges are backwards. The rubber tires don’t look right either. I had to file down the lower half of the engine nacelles were the exhaust exits to look right.
      Other than that I had a great time building it.
      I have a -2/2N, -3 and a -3N in my stash to build.

  4. looks great! i love building veitnam subjects. did they really use those over there?

  5. I remember the original “debut”. Loved it then and love it now.

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