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Messerschmitt Me109E-3, ‘White 8′, (Eduard 1:32)

December 19, 2012 in Aviation

Another commission build this time for a client in Germany. The ‘White 8’ markings are fictitious by request and reflects his interest in online flight simming-‘White 8’ being his online markings. The kit can be tricky in places and I opted to remove part of the cowling
to expose the very nice DB601 engine set included in the kit.

Airbrushed/masked markings
Engine wiring and plumbing
Added cockpit details
Handmade base and plaque (to display Luftwaffe Eagle)

9 additional images. Click to enlarge

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6 responses to Messerschmitt Me109E-3, ‘White 8′, (Eduard 1:32)

  1. You’re killin’ us here, Charles….these builds (including those magnificent Spits) are overwhelming. You are indeed an artisan.

  2. Might be killin’ you, CA, but i’m eatin’ it up!
    Thanks for the photos of a beautiful build, Charles.

    • Oh, I agree wholeheartedly, they’re fantastic builds. I hate him! lol

      • I just now read Mr. Whall’s bio… WONDER his models are so good – he builds ’em for a LIVIN’..!! Just imagine…having the talent to build such gorgeous replicas AND get paid for doin’ it! Some guys have ALL the luck. I applaud you, Charles…’re worth every penny. Spectacular craftsmanship. Look forward to seeing more of your work (I may have to start a ‘new folder’ just for YOUR stuff….inspiration if you will).

        • Thankyou guys for your very kind comments. Craig, I truly wish I was doing this for a living…I still have a day job as head of art at a local secondary school but am working on ‘going solo’! 😀

  3. No need for saving, all of Charles’ stuff is here:

    Fabulous modeling!

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