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Monogram 1/48th P-61

December 9, 2012 in Aviation

I wanted something other than the usual “Black” Widow, so I chose a scheme I’d seen in photos here and there….OD over neutral gray. The canopy sections were both a PITA to mask and to apply open. Probably could’ve been done better. I attempted to replicate a weather-beaten version, both on the finish and the glass sections (you didn’t really think that was dust, did you?). Again, a balmy day, so I took it out on the sidewalk this time.

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4 responses to Monogram 1/48th P-61

  1. I admire the P-61 a LOT. (Yep – if you read many of my comments, you’ll find I admire a LOT of different aircraft.) I’m like you – I also like the non-black versions.

    A wide, soft modeling-type paint brush, or even an old, worn, soft toothbrush will help with that dust that must’ve settled on the plane during landing. I’ve actually taken planes and washed them in the sink. Of course, that was BEFORE the use of acrylic paints. LoL! It won’t wash away decals, either. Just a tip from ye olde Uncle Jeff.

    Lovely Widow, Craig!

    PS – I like all the hatches open, too. It shows realism & scale action. And you don’t have to figure how to make good spinning props, either! LoL!

  2. My models collect “dust” from the fact that the litter box is out in the same area (that’s non-negotiable). I thought it looked rather ‘natural’ the way it was when I took those pics, so I left it that way. I also “wash” off models in the sink. I run warm water just enough so that the spray attachment works (just a little ‘drizzle’), squirt some Windex on ’em and immediately rinse ’em off – works for me.

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