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Not Yet a Thunderjet: Heller 1/72 XP-84 Conversion

December 3, 2012 in Aviation

The old 70s-vintage Heller F-84G Thunderjet in 1/72 was converted to represent the prototype XP-84 by cutting the wingtip tanks off and making new tips with styrene sheet, removing the canopy framing and smoothing out/polishing the canopy, and extending the exhaust nozzle. The kit was never very accurate to begin with (there are many dimensional errors), but I figured this would be fun to do and look okay when done. Besides, I wasn’t about to hack up a Tamiya F-84 kit! Note the overall FS 16440 grey, pre-1947 insignia, and “PS” (as opposed to “FS”) buzz numbers. The model is now on display at the Planes Of Fame Air Museum in Chino, California.

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3 responses to Not Yet a Thunderjet: Heller 1/72 XP-84 Conversion

  1. Nice conversion and a brilliant use of an old kit.

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