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RAAF Spitfire Mk. VIII

December 9, 2012 in Aviation

This is a 1/48 Otaki kit built in 2002. I followed the Aeromaster decals painting instructions which stated that the Ocean Gray portions of this plane were over-sprayed with “Mixed Green”. They described this green as a lighter version of interior gray-green. Not sure how true this is, but it adds variation to the display case! Aside from the lack of the underside gull-wing, this old kit still looks good.

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3 responses to RAAF Spitfire Mk. VIII

  1. Cool Aussie bird John! Lovely paint work too! How did you mask it?

  2. Lovely build of a favorite veteran kit, John. People will argue over the true colors of Norman Smithells’ machine for eternity, but I find this scheme very attractive.

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