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Rest Models 1/48 I-5

December 24, 2012 in Aviation

Continue with Soviet aircraft) – now the Polikarpov I-5.
Resin model is not new, and therefore rare. Going a little worse than I-3, and the quality is the same casting is excellent. Enjoy all the viewing.

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6 responses to Rest Models 1/48 I-5

  1. Another beauty, Maxim. Well done.

  2. Magnificent resin build, Maxim! The detail and overall finish are stunning- I was looking for particular areas to comment on, but everywhere I look there’s more and more to see. Just excellent from rudder to prop!

  3. Wonderful. I really like the compass-exceptional work.

  4. The work of a great master.

    Beautiful model with excellent detail and careful coloring.

  5. Resin, Mon Dieu! That is just brilliant very well done, the finish is superb.

  6. Having had the pleasure of building one of these excellent kits myself, your work here is really masterful. Too bad the kit’s no longer available, I think it was one of the best resin kits I ever found.

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