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“Right of Way”

December 18, 2012 in Armor

This dio is supposed to take place in the Normandy bocage on or immediately after D-Day. This is old stuff, the Stug is the old original Tamiya ‘G’, much reworked and kitbashed with parts from the Stug IV kit, with tracks from the old Italaeri Pz IV, epoxy putty zimmerit, and scratched shurzen. The figures are modified from Dragon and Tamiya, with Hornet heads. The Kubel is the old Hasegawa. I did this some years ago, and if it looks familiar, it was the ‘centerfold’ in one of the old “Great Scale Modeling” mags some time back.

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3 responses to “Right of Way”

  1. Very realistic setting…..nicely done.

  2. Very well thought-out diorama.

  3. man, why havent i done a diorama yet? that is a spectacular example! bravo!

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