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Summing up 2012!

December 29, 2012 in Aviation

Not a very good year modelling-wise with only three kits finished. The fact that two of them are very small doesn’t make it more impressive either!

So here we go, two MiG-21s from Eduard in 1/144 scale. One Slovak one in the “Milka”-scheme while the other one is an Egyptian one in an extremely tasty desert scheme with high-viz panels.

The third kit this year is Airfix’s new P-51D Mustang in 1/72 scale. Built as a J 26 from the Swedish Air Force right after WWII. There is a bit of a story regarding this particular aircraft: It was one of only two aircraft to get an experimental green camo scheme, the rest were left silver/natural metal as delivered. Weathering quite quickly and badly, it was assigned to the squadron’s most junior pilot who after a few flights realised that he had gotten the fastest Mustang in the Air Force. He carefully kept its grubby condition so that nobody with a higher rank would get the idea to lay his hands on it!

Happy New Year!


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6 responses to Summing up 2012!

  1. Very well-done builds given the small scale(s). I like that Slovak scheme.

  2. Nice jet fighters. And the interesting story of the Mustang.

  3. Swedish Mustang – never seen this! Looks very interesting!

  4. Not bad at all for a full year, Magnus!
    Very eye-catching schemes for those MiGs, looks like great little kits.

  5. Anders! For a year, it is actually rather bad I think 🙂

    International friends: We had 150+ Mustangs in service, the first ones came in 1945. Some of these were already in Sweden after emergency landings and others were delivered by USAF pilots. Later on a further batch were bought from surplus stocks left in Germany. They were later sold on to Israel and Nicaragua.

    Thanks for your comments!



  6. Great builds, Magnus! I like the paint schemes of both the Migs, but the Egyptian is superb. The P-51 is also excellent, but the history makes it even better!

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