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Time for another ship – “Big Mamie”

December 15, 2012 in Ships

Trumpeter 1/350 USS Massachusetts (BB-59). First US battleship to fire its guns in anger at another battleship since the Spanish American War (versus French “Jean Bart” during the North African invasion). Tom’s Modelworks photoetch used for railings and stairs and radars and aircraft catapults and crane. Battleships are cool, Massie was right when he called them “castles of steel.”

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5 responses to Time for another ship – “Big Mamie”

  1. Looks like a really nice build, TC….from what I can discern. Why do all of your postings have such a “washed out” appearance to the pics?

  2. Sfumato. Look it up.

  3. Great work.

    IIRC, USS Massachusetts also is esteemed for engaging in multiple battles in WWII while never suffering a single casualty.

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