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Tony Fokker’s Greatest Hits

December 25, 2012 in Aviation

Three Eduard 1/48 kits, done pretty close to ‘out of the box’, fussy but excellent kits. One note, the Triplane is greener than the photos, some error by me in lighting or camera setting,the streaking was done with oil paints over acrylics. Two prominent aces are modeled, the DVII is von Schleich, the triplane is vonTutschek’s.

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5 responses to Tony Fokker’s Greatest Hits

  1. Merrill…… Good to see your WWI stuff once again. You do nice work.

  2. Great work. Eindecker’s a pip.

  3. Very nice Fokker trio, Merrill! All three certainly look the part. I don’t know what you’re using for lighting, but if it’s a warm glow from a standard bulb then olive colors tend to look brown. The green is not vibrant enough to show up like your grass base. I’d recommend adding an Ott lamp (which gives off a cool blue rather than yellow cast) in order to bring out the green component in the olive.

    Inspiring article- I’m currently juggling some Eduard kits trying to figure out whether I’m more in the mood for CDL, wood grain, streaks, or lozenge… or PC10… so many choices with Great War models!

  4. Thanks to all for your kind comments, Merry Christmas, and a great modeling New Year!

  5. Beautiful classics! Your rigging work and the cockpit on the Eindecker look great Merrill.

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