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Trumpeter 1/144 Mavis Flying boat

December 6, 2012 in Aviation

This was my first venture into 1/144 and flying boats. I added all of the cross wire bracing and the four antennaes. Box decals are used and the white and blue striping is paint. Stand came with the kit. Great kit, and fairly easy to build.

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6 responses to Trumpeter 1/144 Mavis Flying boat

  1. George, you have done a commendable job, this is a most impressive model and the finishing feels just right. How did you find the kit? I suppose it makes for a sizeable model even in this scale.

    • Why thank you. I found the model to be a very enjoyable build. Some of the plastic bracing was a little finicky, but it all worked. The completed boat is 11″ across and 7″ long. If I had to, I would highly recommend this kit.

  2. Great Mavis George! I like the slightly shiny finish a lot and the model “looks detailed” despite the small scale.

    I have always liked the Mavis, it is a good looking aircraft and the mix of old and new is fascinating. Both the wing and the fuselage look rather sleek and “modern” while the maze of struts and rigging holding the two parts together reminds us of an earlier era in aircraft construction!



  3. That is really neat. If they made on in 1/48…

    • I dunno. The Hasagawa 1/72 version is over 22 inches across, so 1/48 would be 1 1/2 times bigger than that? I think. Where in the heck would you put it? Thanks, by the way. Glad you like it. This little kit got me hooked on 1/144 scale large planes.

  4. If they made that (and the H8K Emily) in 1/48, I would find a place to put it. I used to have the Monogram 1/48 B-29 hanging from my ceiling! Hanging or exposed models and their decals “go away quick” from heat and dust, though. But I’d still do that flying boat in 1/48!

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