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Wingnut Wings Junkers J.1

December 10, 2012 in Aviation

Keeping with the WWI theme, this is my first Wingnut Wings model. Another outstanding kit from the New Zealand modelers. I used Tamiya acrylics, as usual, for all of the colors. I paid particular attention to getting a ‘used’ look to the camo colors as I think on a plane this large they would look more artificial if there were no tonal variations and weathering applied. The kit was made with a small gap between the end of the ailerons and wing proper, so I fixed this with lead ‘foil’ from a wine bottle. I used the corrugations in the wing to set the pattern in the lead, then trimmed it to fit the gaps and super-glued it into place. With a coat of paint, it is difficult to detect. Also, the upper wing is composed of three parts – the central section into which the two outer sections fit in place. The mounting tabs on the outer sections are huge and the fit is so good that I left them unglued. This came in very handy when transporting the model to shows as I would easily fit into a box with the outer wing sections off. At the show, I would carefully slide them into place. This thing has a huge wingspan.

Enjoyable build of a funky and important aircraft.

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  1. This kit is so well-designed, it is much easier to build than one expects, and its size makes it a real eye-catcher. You’ve done a great job here with it.

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