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And another swoops in – “Cripes A’ Mighty 3rd” – 1/48 Tamiya

January 24, 2013 in Aviation

Another 1/48 Tamiya P-51D modified to a P-51D-5 (it’s really not that hard and you don’t really need that expensive hunk of aftermarket resin).

George Preddy’s “Cripes A’ Mighty 3rd” as she appeared in early August 1944 after his six-victory in a day score. The ancient Micro-Scale 48-1 still works. Falcon vac canopy and True Details cockpit.

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3 responses to And another swoops in – “Cripes A’ Mighty 3rd” – 1/48 Tamiya

  1. The D-5 conversion work is limited to filing away the dorsal fin extension, isn’t it?

    What did you use for the metal finish?

    Best regards


  2. I still have an SNJ pack in my drawer and although I haven’t used the paint, I regularly use their idea of rubbing a small amount of aluminum powder on top of Alclad on some other metal finish. This step really adds that final touch to the metal look and is actually quite durable.

    Little Friends still in section strength against a gaggle of Messerschmitts.

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