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AZ 1/48 Ki-48I “Lily”

January 1, 2013 in Aviation

Oddly misshapen and a labor to build. One of two kit options,this example fought in the CBI theater, based somewhere in Thailand, 1943. The other kit option, another Thailand based Ki-48 , was evidently shot down over Rangoon by the AVG. Some say this kit would have been better served by being shot down over Rangoon as well…Happy New Year!

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6 responses to AZ 1/48 Ki-48I “Lily”

  1. After all of the griping online about this kit, you’ve proven that it can be built crisp and beautiful, Bryan. Fantastic paint work- did you apply the striped camoflage freehand? If so, then you’ve demonstrated excellent control over the airbrush here.

  2. Nice job! I never thought I would actually see one of those built.

    • OK, OK. I bought it before reading the reviews-seems I have a penchant for that sort of thing. Did NOT pay retail, but felt a bit stung. Actually put PE belts and some strip styrene in the nose-not that one can see it.

  3. Yes, terrible kit becomes superb model. Excellent work on the finish.

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