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Tamiya McClaren M8

January 30, 2013 in Automotive

Built shortly before I moved not a great kit, but fun and looks ok once done. Curbside for sure not much detail.

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6 responses to Tamiya McClaren M8

  1. Rob…….. It’s nice to see a well done car in the headlines for a change of pace. Great build.

  2. Nice to see some car builds here, especially one this nice. Thanks for sharing /m

  3. Thanks guys, it is one of my all time favorite cars, had a Hot Wheels one as a kid!

  4. Beautiful race car Rob! Very well done indeed. I was fortunate enough to see these fantastic Can-Am cars race back in 1969. Bruce McClaren drove the winning M8B. It was a great experience! Thanks for sharing your fine model with us.

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