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ТОКО 1:72 Nieuport 11 Bebe

February 19, 2013 in Aviation

Nieuport pilot 22th corps detachment AG Mikhailova, summer 1918.

At the time of construction of the model was the information that the aircraft is painted with aluminum paint. But now it turned out that he was a natural linen color.

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4 responses to ТОКО 1:72 Nieuport 11 Bebe

  1. amazing, really nice to have that last pic where you can compare the two. spot on, very scary.

  2. Vlad, let’s take out of the corn bins are Fokkers!

  3. Agreed! The last photo tells all about how good model this is. Having myself worked mostly in 1/72, I’ve always admired people doing biplanes in this scale as these models are so tiny. Additionally, the paint scheme is dead cool! 10 points.

  4. Colleagues, thank you for your feedback.

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