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1/35 stuart and sherman

February 19, 2013 in Armor

the stuart is the afv club. sherman is the testors limited edition, you know the one in the huge box!

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5 responses to 1/35 stuart and sherman

  1. Tanks a lot, Jeff. Nice work.

  2. no tanks neccesary, well wait a minute?

  3. Jeff: You really need to quadruple – if not quintuple – the amount of light you use. Also, a lighter background than black will go a long way to making it a lot easier for us to see your really nice models. And they are both really nice.

  4. lovely detail and streaking…especially from the back with all the pioneer tools and such…and i am a stuart phile…sahara with bogey…everybody thinks the germans crushed the world with the tiger but actually they did it with the little panzer 1 and 2

  5. thanx bob, true….. tigers were over engineered and difficult to build in great numbers, sometimes its the under dog that always wins the day.

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