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Ben Hall’s P-51

February 3, 2013 in Aviation

This is how this aircraft appeared in the 1964 season. Flown in a stock cofiguration.
Tamiya 1/48. The “Seattle Miss” name & the Space Needle logo are homemade decals, the registration number is a dry transfer & everything else is paintwork.

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13 responses to Ben Hall’s P-51

  1. Very Nice, I like it a lot.
    I have plans of doing several real & Wh-If racers in the future.

  2. Very well done, my friend.

  3. That’s great! Nice to see another warbirds in civilian dress modeler!
    Well done!

  4. Typical Al build, nice work, clean build and the scheme that just grabs your attention due to not being common. Just an awesome build.

  5. Have been considering some “demilitarized” builds just for the heck of it-racers come to mind-great job, let’s see some more.

  6. Is this model for sale? My father Radoslav flew this plane out of Paine Field in the late 60s! He was a close friend of Ben Hall. My dad also rebuilt an 1948 F-86 with Ben in the early 70s. I understand if it is very expensive, I may not be able to afford it.-Alex Kostelnik

    • Considering the connection I’d be willing to sell. I can always build another one.
      Can you give me an e-mail address that we could converse directly.
      I’m not a social networking type person so anything other than e-mail is beyond me.
      As much as anything I want to know where it would be shipped to due to potential damage.

    • My Father Ed Evans and Ben go Back Many Years. I Called him Uncle Ben growing up. Esther was one of the sweetest ladies I ever Knew. I remember being at Paine on his maiden flight of The P51. I was about 7 I think. He let me sit in it.

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