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Classic Airframes 1/48 He-51 Legion Condor

February 9, 2013 in Aviation

Hello everyone, today we have the early period of the Luftwaffe – He-51. Model of Classic Airframes, quite good, but still requires work hard. The cockpit is almost completely self-made, a lot of fuss was with landing gear. Was not easy as the assembly biplane box – in my case it was necessary to cut the wing racks on 1mm.
As a prototype of the aircraft was selected Galland. The color palette is controversial, but I decided to choose a green-green version of the RLM-70 \ 71, as many of the photos on his plane is very dark.
Happy viewing, colleagues

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4 responses to Classic Airframes 1/48 He-51 Legion Condor

  1. Nice job Maxim, especially like the rigging.That’s one reason I don’t build these birds, the rigging.

  2. Not my area of expertise or interest, but I have to say that is one fine-lookin’ build ya did there, my friend. Nice work indeed. I’ll give it a ten just for that prop….a beautiful job there.

  3. Another winner, Maxim. I agree with you about the camouflage. There’s a lot of new information that 70/71 was more widely used early on with German aircraft in the Spanish Civil War (particularly the early Bf-109Bs) that thought earlier.

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