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English electric Lightning, Royal Saudi Airforce .Airfix 1/48

February 17, 2013 in Aviation

I thought some of you might enjoy this, I like to build familiar aircraft but in unfamiliar guises . The Lightning was used mainly by the RAF for scaring Russians into spilling there Vodka but was also flown by the Saudi and Omani airforces, they were usualy in bare metal but was briefly trialed in this rather handsome camo scheme. Aftermarket goodies are decals from Hannants and airies resin engines which look amazing.
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3 responses to English electric Lightning, Royal Saudi Airforce .Airfix 1/48

  1. great looking craft, but you gotta wonder why the guys who designed it didnt just go ahead and make it a delta wing. pointy wings, who needs em. great paint work.

  2. Looks Great in that camo! Is this the 1/48 Airfix Lightning??

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