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Gallery Models 1/350th USS Wasp

February 4, 2013 in Ships

As a rule, I’m not really a “ship guy”, but this one caught my eye (if for nothing else, the plethora of aircraft/helicopters included). Also deep in the bowels are a myriad of Marine assault weapons (tanks, howitzers, etc.), along with landing craft and LCAT’s.
I actually enjoyed building this kit, although it took me a better part of two months to complete. I refrained from attempting the multitude of PE parts (railings, ladders, etc.) – as I said, I don’t have any experience with that sort of thing and didn’t wanna take the chance of ruining what I did manage to accomplish (albeit a novice to most of you ship-builders). The wife was kind enough to allow me a display area beneath one of the entertainment centers, so the ship is behind glass doors – at least it’ll keep the dust off a “little” longer than usual.

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7 responses to Gallery Models 1/350th USS Wasp

  1. Great model Craig. It looks huge, and you can tell there was a lot of hard work involved building it. Must be worth an extra few stars as the Mrs let you display it outside the man cave too!!:)

  2. Never hurts to try your hand at something different. Looks like you have the talent to build about anything you want.

  3. Pretty cool, Craig, but you’ll go blind if you keep doing that (scale).

  4. i’ve done a couple 700 scale ships in the past. i have a 1/350 that ive been workin on for about 8 or 9 months now, off and on, i find it to be a nice change of pace when i get tired or fed up with wing roots or canopy masking or individual link track building. i will finish it one day, then i’ll have to get another.

  5. Exactly the same reason(s) I opted for the WASP – besides, it had lotsa airplanes with it – LOL.

  6. Good work for a land lubber. Don’t be afraid of the PE. It takes a little time, but most of the recent releases are especially designed for a specific kit and come with fold perforations and such. The biggest problem is the ca to glue it. A friend recommended slow dry gel — it really did the trick for me.

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