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Keepin it movin!

February 26, 2013 in Armor

I think I’m having too much fun with the camera!
1/35 M2A1
Dragon Smartkit

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6 responses to Keepin it movin!

  1. Nice build, Jeff….you do have a knack for the armor stuff, doncha…? You must have checked out the “photography tips” link, huh ?

  2. My Dad drove these beasts around Germany while stationed there. He said they were a LOT of fun….
    Other than us, I think the only other country to really make use of half tracks were the Germans. I could be wrong though…..
    Nice job on this kit, looks like I can jump in and take her around the block

  3. Most of the halftracks you see around in the US (reenactors, etc,.) are M-9’s, ex British, that went to Israel. AFIK the Israelis have retired theirs, but they may still have a few.

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