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Old Otaki P-47

February 5, 2013 in Aviation

As mentioned in my profile………………….not very good, but still at it. This is the only P-47 I have so far. I like the Tamiya kits but can’t afford them. This was $5.00 at a show. Built S.O.B. Still had fun just he same. I build for me, not shows.



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4 responses to Old Otaki P-47

  1. Don….. I always liked Otaki, they make good kits with accurate shapes, and reasonable prices. Your build looks OK to me, and there is nothing wrong to build for your own enjoyment, because that’s what it should be first and foremost. Keep it up.

  2. Don I always build for enjoyment, Sometimes I enter some of my work at local shows. Helps the clubs and I enjoy looking at some really exceptional work done by others.Amazing what you can also learn by striking up a conversation. Nice job on the P-47.

  3. Seems like when you build for yourself that’s when you see your best come out. Built the Otaki P-40 in AVG markings with brush painted Humbrol paint. Simpler then.
    Your P-40 looks very good.

  4. Nice job. If you don’t build for yourself, it becomes another chore, IMHO.

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