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Tamiya 1/35 M60A1 with reactive armor

February 24, 2013 in Armor

just another armor kit i thought i would try and get some feedback on……………
hope you enjoy!

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6 responses to Tamiya 1/35 M60A1 with reactive armor

  1. Jeff, great finish on this one. Well done!. I like the weathering on the paintwork and the muddy running gear which is very easy to overdo, but i recon you got it just right. Brilliant effort.

  2. thanx gregor, thats actually the first time i used the mig pigment and white glue technique. the color was called post apocalyptic earth!

  3. You display a proficiency for armor modeling. A fine job all-around, I must say.

  4. yeah i started building armor first, before i got back into planes. my passion now is planes, it kinda always has been.

  5. Holy Grafenwoehr, Batman! It’s muddy. Is this a Germany based M-60? It looks just like the real deal. Adios, Larry.

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