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the dirty bird

February 26, 2013 in Aviation

eduards 1/48 f6f5n, the plane depicts no real a/c. done for my own pleasure using a mix of markings from the kit. went a little overboard on the weathering! but i like it!

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6 responses to the dirty bird

  1. Jeff…… Building for yourself is the best way to enjoy our hobby. I like your Hellcat too. Nicely done.

  2. Doesn’t seem much overdone to me… it is clear to me that even Glossy Sea Blue finish on a/c must have weathered significantly, haven’t made up my mind yet as to how. Great work on a very pleasurable kit.

  3. thanx jack, looking at reference photos the planes stayed pretty dirty, alot of them were land based, i think?

  4. Add my name to list that doesn’t think it’s “over-weathered”….I’d say it looks just about as it should (or would have). As for the markings, I do most of mine the same way….don’t really attempt to replicate “real” aircraft so much as what I think looks good. And your Hellcat DOES.

  5. oh you guys are too nice! great minds think alike!

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